Personal Training

We have coached sessions in Olympic lifting M & W at 6 PM.  Weightlifting in these classes and on your own at other gym times is also available at these rates:

$175/mo unlimited visits, payable month to month. Cancel anya

If you are an endurance athlete we can help you. As Dr. Nicholas Romanov, creator of the Pose Method, says, “The basis of endurance is speed.” For decades many endurance athletes have focused too much on long slow distance & volume, and too little on developing technique, speed, & strength. They get very good at moving slowly and neglect every other aspect of fitness. That is beginning to change with the movement towards forefoot running, high intensity interval training, and strength training that is gaining traction in the endurance community.

We have a number of trainers certified in CrossFit Endurance ( The CrossFit Endurance prescription is a combination of regular CrossFit training combined with lower volume higher intensity interval training in run, bike, and/or swim. Application of this method has allowed people to complete 100 mile races, and IronMan distance triathlons with a long training run of 13 miles once a month, allowing endurance addicts to stay fresher, stronger, and with fewer injuries, all while improving performance. Presently we are the only gym in Atlanta with a trainer licensed to teach Pose Method, the running technique which forms the basis of CrossFit Endurance. Individual training in Pose Method is available by appointment, email [email protected] for more information.  Price for a Pose session is $75/hr


$20 drop in.